Quality Management

The constant improvement of our company’s performance and quality is the cornerstone of our stable growth. But the increasing requirements of traffic and the growing complexity in logistics can only be mastered with sophisticated quality management. We stay on the ball for you – each and every day.

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Quality in logistics and transport

Logistics and transport are some of the areas of business in which all work processes are subject to the highest quality standards. The unpredictability of traffic and weather alone constitute major challenges for all involved to fulfil your ‘just in time’ orders. Of course, this also applies to the work in our logistics centre and complex warehouse storage, the error-free functionality of which depends on a high level of service with the greatest precision and flexibility. With decades of experience, we process and optimise the quality standard of our services in order to meet the high expectations of our customers.

External audits by designated experts are of great help. That’s why we had ourselves certified in accordance with ISO 9001 early on. Furthermore, we also regularly fulfil all requirements of various QS systems and certificates. This includes

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • The Act on the Storage and Transport of Organic Products
  • Storage and Handling (Feed)
  • Road Transport (Feed)
  • Green Logistics

All certificates may, of course, be viewed on request.

Our internal quality management is a significant component of all operating processes and enjoys top priority. In close contact with our customers, we take any feedback as an opportunity to review and optimise the relevant process. Especially in regard to the quality of our work, the core sentence from our mission statement applies:

Quality for our customers

Our aim, and the basis for our success, is satisfied customers that can concentrate on their core business thanks to our services.