Transport & Logistics

For 40 years, Huber Transport & Logistik GmbH has been your partner for all services in the reliable transport and proper storage of your goods. Modern tractor units use especially equipped trailers to transport your food, ingredients, packaging, toiletries and industrial products to any desired destinations in Germany and neighbouring parts of Europe. Italy is a special point of focus.

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Trucks on the way for you
Years of experience
sq.m. storage area

Cheaper & faster

With our daily relay routes, we can transport goods more quickly and cheaply. Using the stagecoach principle, we swap the trailers at specific loading points and the freshly rested local drivers take over the next leg of the journey towards the destination. This nighttime process lets us avoid peak traffic, save on operating costs and achieve a high level of efficiency from both HGV and driver.

Well trained team & experts

Across a total of 32,000m² of high-quality storage space, we offer you certified, temperature-controlled places for conventional and organic foods up to Pharma Standard. Our logistics centre keeps the right interfaces on hand for your IT requirements. A well trained team of specialists will take care of your matters in a friendly and absolutely reliable manner. Speak to us.

We Are Active Throughout Europe for You!

Whether you handle regional transport orders or want to deliver your goods internationally, Huber Logistik stands for modern, reliable service. We are always on call for you, and treat each order with the same diligence. Simply get in touch with us and we would be happy to introduce our options!

Do you need storage space to carry out your business that complies with the strict statutory requirements for raw ingredients and products in the food or pharmaceutical industry? Our sites offer you temperature-controlled and certified storage spaces that we can organise and manage for you with an ideally equipped logistics centre.